March 2015 B.O.M.B.

March 2015 B.O.M.B. »

Spice it up this March! The Cuban Wrap has smoked pulled pork, our savory house mojo sauce, mustard, Swiss cheese […]

Posted by: admin on March 3, 2015 @ 2:46 pm
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February 2015 B.O.M.B.

February 2015 B.O.M.B. »

WA-HOOOOO!  It’s-a your favorite time of the month, time-a to check out Boylan’s new BOMB!  This month we’ve teamed up with […]

Posted by: admin on February 1, 2015 @ 9:53 am
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January 2015 B.O.M.B.

January 2015 B.O.M.B. »

It’s January and its really really cold.  So cold that we thought we’d spice up your life with a Maryland […]

Posted by: admin on January 1, 2015 @ 11:38 pm
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December B.O.M.B. 2014

December B.O.M.B. 2014 »

Every year we’re conflicted about the holidays.  We LOVE seeing all of our family and friends, but then we have […]

Posted by: admin on December 1, 2014 @ 3:05 pm
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November 2014 B.O.M.B.

November 2014 B.O.M.B. »

Okay, okay, we admit it.  We’re guilty of premature mastication.  But we just COULDN’T WAIT!  Thanksgiving is just about the […]

Posted by: admin on October 31, 2014 @ 3:14 pm
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October B.O.M.B. 2014

October B.O.M.B. 2014 »

“Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea.” THE FRUIT OF THE SEA, PEOPLE! My friend […]

Posted by: admin on October 1, 2014 @ 2:52 pm
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September B.O.M.B. 2014

September B.O.M.B. 2014 »

Have you ever been hungry? I mean, like, REALLY hungry, so hungry that you wanted to eat everything on your […]

Posted by: admin on September 1, 2014 @ 1:57 pm
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August B.O.M.B. 2014

August B.O.M.B. 2014 »

Ok crew, it is NOT TOO LATE to get into peak physical condition for the summer, but you can’t delay […]

Posted by: admin on August 4, 2014 @ 1:09 pm
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July B.O.M.B. 2014

July B.O.M.B. 2014 »

Belgian waffles are possibly the most quietly exotic breakfast food.  Light, fluffy batter gives way to an ample waffle with […]

Posted by: admin on June 30, 2014 @ 11:26 am
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June B.O.M.B. 2014

June B.O.M.B. 2014 »

What is the best part about a wedding reception? Some of you will say “the open bar,” some of you […]

Posted by: admin on June 5, 2014 @ 6:22 pm
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